Masking means lying, and we neurodivergents suck at that.
Non-autistic professionals commonly believe in something they call “autistic masking.” They say that individuals with autism learn to mask or hide their…
How do you break free from your Neurotypical privilege?Watch now (52 sec) | Cultivate compassion-three feet at a time (the distance of our hearts’ electromagnetic energy field).
The myth of the overgrown autistic prefrontal cortex
Meanwhile, the ADA has never included people on the spectrum of whom, 80-90% are not employed and holding college degrees
A study of autistic and non-autistic brains found that no two autistic neurologies were alike enough to fit any category or grouping. All the…
What is bukiminotani?Watch now (2 min) | In the 70s, Japanese roboticist, Dr. Mori, made the observation that the affinity people feel toward humanoid robots disappears when…
And use Bukiminotani, the original expression coined by Japanese roboticist, Dr. Masahiro Mori, as tribute to him
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