Welcome to Spectrum Confessions.

Offering guidance and insight for non-autistic and autistic alike, and all neurodivergents, for healthier more productive relationships. We are all doing our best to navigate and adjust during this transition to more equity, diversity, and inclusion but how do we adjust to things that are unfamiliar or uncomfortable? How do we have a conversation if we might be inadvertently insulting or hurtful?

My aim is to be nakedly self-revealing in my personal essays and relentless at finding the truth in my articles, in an effort to further the cause of radical acceptance.

Let our compassion carry us as we make our way to living and working together harmoniously.

What does that have to do with human consciousness, philosophy, artificial intelligence, and sexuality?

I’m glad you asked.

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Welcome to Spectrum Confessions––nakedly self-revealing and deeply personal essays and articles that pull the curtain back on the nearly trillion-dollar autism services industry while 80%-90% of ASD adults hold degrees but are not employable.


Uncanny Valley Girl

Uncanny Valley Girl (almost just like you) is the moniker I took up after recognizing my own lived neurodivergent experience in roboticist, Dr. Mori's description of Bukiminotani (不気味の谷), the uncanny valley. Visit my website: michelleespinosa.com